Toongabbie Presbyterian church
  • Toongabbie NSW, Australia

IHG Church Pastoral Position Description

This position is based on a full-time remuneration package according to PCA Awards.

For inquiries contact Rev. Nabil Zakhary - Minister (Moderator) - 0425 279 005 -

A Family Man - A pastor’s primary ministry and responsibility is to his family. The pastor needs to prioritise his family, without neglecting his responsibility to the church. His wife needs to support and enable his ministry while also using her own gifts and calling to serve Christ and the Church.

A Visionary - The pastor needs to set the course for where the church is going, this requires active thought, prayer and communication. While the mission of the church is clearly laid out in scripture, how we go about achieving it is up to the unique strengths and opportunities our congregation possesses. It is up to the pastor to realise this potential and drive it to success.

A Shepherd - The pastor should have high level priestly skills that will best enable him to meet the pastoral needs of the congregation. He should lead (by example) those within the congregation who also have pastoral capability to do the following:

  1. Follow-up visitors and non-committal attendees and encourage their commitment to Christ and his church.
  2. Provide spiritual counselling and or referral to a more capable professional in the event that a church member has some form of personal crisis.
  3. Be available for other crisis situations (personal or church) at any time of the day; however, reasonable limitations will be maintained on routine matters to protect pastors and their family from inordinate intrusions into their private lives.
  4. Maintain sensitivity to groups with special needs, e.g. elderly, disabled, single parents.
  5. Nurture the involvement of marginal members (e.g. youth) and lead them in assimilating into the wider church community.

A Bible Preacher - Communicating the truths of God’s Word to the congregation to both affect life change and drive the ministry of the church. The Pastor will be a skilled preacher of God’s Word and will be responsible for the organisation of the church’s preaching ministry.


  • Establish and maintain key accountability relationships to ensure he keeps himself above reproach.
  • Prioritise his own personal discipleship and development
  • Build and maintain a network of ministers in the local area and beyond Manage his own time and maintain regular office hours during the week.
  • Officiate weddings, funerals and other family events as required
  • Conduct pre-marriage counselling for couples planning to be married
  • Be a contact person/advocate of the church and ministry to those inside and outside

Selection Criteria

  • Bible knowledge and training o essential - extensive understanding and personal knowledge of the bible and the gospel, and demonstrated ability to teach and preach the word of God.
    • desirable - ordained Presbyterian Minister or on track for candidacy/ordination.
  • Ministry experience and maturity o essential - 20 years minimum as a practising Christian, 15 years minimum in a leadership position in a church ministry
    • desirable - experience in a second generation ethnic church
  • Leadership qualities o Essential - experience working with and leading a team, mentoring and building up other leaders and workers
  • Family situation o essential - married to a christian who shares his vision for ministry and want to be a partner in his ministry
    • desirable - no primary school aged children (<12), financially stable, lives within reasonable travel distance to Toongabbie